Since 1993

Who Are We?

We are a community:

  • Intentionally formed,
  • Purpose filled, and
  • Dedicated to the thriving of each member.

How Do We Help Our Members Thrive?

We provide an energetic community that is:

  • Unconditionally accepting,
  • Unconditionally loving, and
  • Unconditionally protective.

Hear Our Story

What Do We Do?

Teddy’s Homes provides homes for children and youth in care. We are an alternative to group homes. We hire house parents who live in the home rather than having rotating staff.We are inclusive of families of origin. Our people are passionate about what we stand for, and they love working with us.

We provide services in the form of House Parents and Respite Care/Support Workers. The essence of family, belonging, caring and inclusiveness is what we strive for and establish with each home having full time House Parents. The staff of our homes, from management to support staff become family. There is always 24 hour support.

Our Team

Linda Dumas


Contact Linda at:

778 384 4239

Debbie Hartlen


Contact Debbie at:

604 798 0879

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We are looking for committed individuals who share the same passion for community that we have. If you are interested in becoming a House Parent or a Respite Care Giver, email us at: